Dedicated Server Reseller Program

The Dedicated Server Reseller program of Resellers Panel will give you the opportunity to sell: the Budget, Value and the Premier which are the capital hosting solution that ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Hosting Program supplies on wholesale prices!

The archetype of the Dedicated Server gives the possibility to its owner to install and utilize software that would not operate or could not even be installed on a Shared Hosting Reseller account or a Semi-Dedicated Server. This is because the server itself will be at the complete disposal of the owner providing root access. The dedicated servers are very flexible in terms of the operating system you can install ( Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu). Resellers Panel provides three choices for a control panel ( DirectAdmin; cPanel/WHM and their own in-house built control panel which is used for the shared hosting accounts in particular). The server itself will have the usual Apache, MySQL PHP installed on it of course.

Since Resellers Panel offers reselling hosting business opportunities we feel it is necessary to to mention that one can use the dedicated server as a shared web hosting server. Then you can split and tailor the space and traffic so it can meet the criteria of your target group. Resellers Panel will even throw in a ClientExec billing software in order to be able to bill your clients and a Enom domain reseller account to be able to provide domain name registration and transfer services on your own.

Resellers Panel will also provide Managed Services for clients that are not completely aware of how a dedicated server operates or they simply do not have the time to maintain it on their own. The Managed Services include disk space backups, server monitoring, weekly os updates and administration installation and troubleshooting time if you need the aid of a server administrator for any reason such as for installing new software on the server.